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      Welcome friends...

      I founded Agape Words in the winter of 2020 with a simple idea in mind: to share the message of God's words of truth and love by turning everyday comfortable essentials into colorful, designed pieces and creativity to be worn by both women and men.

      In 2017, I found myself outsourced from my twenty-year career and wondered what my next steps would be. It took a few years of praying and seeking God to know that God was directing me towards my purpose. Praying helped me overcome disappointment and to trust God explicitly. I created the iPray clothing line because I thought it would be sweet to share a prayer with people like me, who believe in Christ, that they can do all things because He will give them the strength to bear their difficulties. 

      I love collecting quotes, expressions, or just about any strings of words or phrases that will provide any encouragement when I feel overwhelmed. The Bible is choc-filled with the reassurance of God's love full-on display for Christians to harvest. I created Words of Hope t-shirts to support and provide you with words of purpose when life gets unsteady.

      I chose the name "Agape Words" because it continually reminds me of God's abiding, faithful, and everlasting love that brings forgiveness and salvation through His Son, Jesus Christ.

      I am an ambassador for Christ.

      "And this hope will not lead to disappointment. for we know how dearly God LOVE us because He has given us the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts with His LOVE." Romans 5:5